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2016 Integrated Healing Practitioner Course

By Mathilda Van Dyk

Schedule and Course fee

Healing Foundation    10/12 Wednesday

Module 1 Healing Pathways  10/13 Thursday    10/14 Friday

Module 2 Healing Concepts     10/15 Saturday      10/16  Sunday

 10/17  Day Off

Module 3 Healing Body     10/18 Tuesday        10/19 Wednesday

Module 4 Healing Mind     10/20 Thursday         10/21  Friday

Master class 3        10/22   Saturday

Requirement for master class: Take all 4 moudles. 

You can take Master classes in any order. 

 *Course is 9 hours a day

Course fee: 

Each Module is $450.

Each Master class is $280.

 *early registration will be $420 if you register before 9/1.


 Miyoko: here)


1530 Cravens Ave. Torrance CA    (Everybody’s Pilates Studio)

*it takes about 20minutes from LAX by car.

Discount Option:

If you bring your friends and they sign up for the course , you will apply for discount below.

 1 friend 10% off

2 friends 25%off

3 friends 75% off

4 friends 100% off



The founder Mathilda van Dyk, a former psychologist who used to practice talk therapies, frustrated by the limitation of its effect and that led her to 20 years of researching in holistic healing. Attending over 100 courses, finally she developed this healing system with Nic Oliver in 2006.

Since its launch, this simple, safe and powerful healing system has been spread to over 17 countries including UK, Germany, France, South Africa, China, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Canada, US, with a passion of Mathilda and Nick. And more and more new practitioners are coming every year.


Integrated Healing is fully accredited with theAustralian Kinesiology Association.

IICT-LogoIntegrated Healing is fully accredited with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.



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