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日本語 I didn’t say on the last one, but what troubled me so much during the meditation was, my body was SO HURTING!!
Some says it’s only the first 3days that it hurts. For some people, it might not be painful at all.
But to me, it was so painful during the whole 10days.

If you have a back problem, you can use the chair. And for people who sit on the floor, lots of cushions are provided, so everyone use them as many as needed to support their body posture.
But still, I am in the same posture for over 10 hours a day, of course it hurts! I thought.
However, the teacher says
“Because your subconscious mind resists to this discipline, your body hurts. Think that your body doesn’t hurt at all when you are watching your favorite movie for 3 hours in a same posture.”
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日本語はコチラ Today, I saw my friend off who went to her 4th Vippassana meditation.
She said “I’m sooo excited!!”, looked all fun and left. (why so…?)

Vippassana is, you go to the center for 12 days, meditate 10hours x 10days = 100hours.
I did about a year ago, and thinking of going there again in this year.
So, today I’ll write about my experience of Vippassana. Continue reading