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日本語 So I tried the 3rd step.
What does “pissed off” really mean? I looked for the other emotions behind  the “pissed off”.
And this process is very easy while you are tapping, it will naturally pop up.
Stop blaming for a second and keep tapping to go deep in your mind…

What came up was a guilt, in this case.
I could have been nicer to them but I chose not to.
And maybe I should’ve been nicer.
When I found that emotion within me, I realized the person who I needed to forgive was not them but myself.
And there were two forgiveness.
One is for the hope that I want to be more peaceful person.
And the other one is…

Let me explain a little bit. What the people were doing on that day was a manipulation.
Some people show their unhappy feelings by being grumpy and try to make you feel guilt for them without saying a word.
My mother used to do that often.
“ I am not happy and a victim, because you didn’t do things that I wanted you to do.”
It’s a silent pressure to control others.

Here the point is, I CHOSE unconsciously to deal with their manipulation.
I am not that child who was afraid of her mother anymore, so I don’t need to feel guilt because someone else is grumpy. My feelings don’t need to be affected by other people’s mood.
If we see a pothole there, we can simply walk aside, rather than to fall into the hole, right?
So, the other forgiveness that I needed to do was forgiving myself for choosing to be a victim of other people’s manipulation.

Then at last, we focus on how we want to be from now.

I am powerful enough not to be affected by other people’s behavior.
Making them feel good is not my job.
It’s only them who can make themselves feel good.
And my only responsibility is, to make myself feel good.
And only then, my presence can make someone feel better.

tap tap…. Whew, finally I feel eased. Now I can go to bed!

Tomorrow is a new day!



It was a full moon. Did something trigger you?

The full moon pulls up the tiny dirt of your mind to the surface that is normally hiding below your conscious mind. So If you find yourself becoming emotional, don’t ignore it! It’s a great chance to cleanse your mind.
Today, I introduce you to the 4 steps you can do yourself to dig into the emotion and feel lighter & happier.

I did get this negative feelings on the night of full moon towards the people who I came across.
I was irritated, because they were the people who victimize themselves and give some attitude & become aggressive silently when their demand is not filled in the way they expected.
I understand that there is a way that I can deal better with them, but I chose not to, because I simply didn’t want to deal with them.
At that moment, all I wanted to do was to run away from those people.
So, I understand that it is a communication issue of myself as well.

Later on that day, I still couldn’t stop myself from being irritated about them, so I decided to cleanse it.

As usual, what I use for a cleanse of my heart is one of my favorite methods EFT. (Emotional Freedom Tapping)
I use my finger to tap some meridian points on my face and torso while speaking up my emotion, and oh wow! Miraculously I can access the deeper blockages of my unconscious mind.

The first step, is to accept your own feelings of “I’m pissed, and I don’t like them.”
So don’t judge them, and simply accept as they occur. It’s OK. Keep tapping…

Secondly, try “compassion”. I tried to feel the love for them.
They have their own background that I never know. They grew up in the environment that contributed them to become who they are today.
Their inner child hasn’t got a chance to be healed, and they just try to fill their heart by money or the approval from others.
But after all, we all wish the same, that is “feeling good”.
So I can forgive them…

Well… it works OK,  but I still feel some irritations in my guts. Then I need to dig into other aspects of it.

I know it is sometimes hard to believe, but the most core part of all the people’s heart is made by love.
We experience all the other kinds of emotions other than love while growing up.
But if we can peel off all those extra emotions one by one, what will be left at the core is only love.

So, you having negative emotion indicates that you want to release what is not love, not a part of real you.
I can say so because if that emotion is truly a part of your core, then you should be totally happy with it.
Therefore, the pissed off feeling is simply a sign to inform you the gap between who you really are ( =love) and your current emotion.

Then I told myself “OK,  thank you emotion for letting me know, and you can go now.”
But it doesn’t wanna move so easily… I’m still irritated.

…then goes to the 3rd step… on ②!



日本語 Why is it so important not to “drink TO smile”?
I had an experience that made me swear that.

In the last winter I was looking for a gallon size glass jar, and I found a good one in a grocery store.
A glass jar with a gallon of wine.
I doubted about the quality of the wine, but it was cheaper than buying an empty glass jar, so I bought it anyway.

A few days later.
I was upset. I had so much anger towards a person, and my mind was so irritated. Continue reading