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Healing Room @Greenstone Therapy


A session takes about 60 ~ 90 mins. By appointment only.

The fee is now $90. (regular price is $130. cash or check only)

Please bring a bottle of water for yourself since your body needs to be well hydrated during the session.

Also, I always love to do a session exchange with other holistic healers. Please contact me if you are interested!



Make an appointment in January 2017, you’ll have 2 sessions for $130!

Sometimes a healing takes more than 1 session, so why not take advantages of this opportunity?

As our being healed, many times there are deeper healing that is called.

I believe there are layers of healing. Some traumatic event can affect in many areas of your life, preventing you from shining as your true self.

IH protocols has wide variety, including cutting a negative energetic cord to your ex, releasing the old vow to someone, breaking the chain of a negative generational program that runs through your family, releasing an emotional bruise, balancing body’s stress response, adjustment of TMJ, cranial, chakra, and so many more.

Please contact Mai for an appointment.



Greenstone Therapy    3314 Motor Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90034                   

Integrated Healing Practitioner

Mai Koitabashi




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