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日本語 I thought I wasn’t avoiding it, but as a matter of fact, I was. It was mostly anger, lately.
Because negative emotions are so painfully uncomfortable in our body and heart,  we think we don’t want to feel it.
And of course, we want to focus on “positive thinking”, right?

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日本語 Did you travel to somewhere lately? What did you feel about the energy there?

Today, I want to share with you my personal thoughts about Energy of Places.

It was a few years ago that I started to notice this. Whenever I came back from my sister’s home, I felt exhausted in my body. My sister and I have a great relationship, we always have a good time together. But what is this? Why am I so tired? I couldn’t find a reasonable answer for a long time. Continue reading

Clearing the cat allergy was probably the weirdest thing that happened to my body with IH.

There is no way in this world I can cure my severe cat allergy, I thought.

The only thing I could do about it was to avoid the contact, because even taking a strong allergy pill didn’t really work if I touched a cat. ( And I LOVE cats, so it was impossible for me not to touch if I see them…)

One day, my friend asked me to take care of her cat at my home for a month while she’s out of country. Without any hesitation, I said YES!

So clearing this cat allergy was suddenly a desperate task. I was very afraid that I would go crazy with itchiness all over my body inside and out, red watery eyes & nose, irregular pulse and so on, so I prepared a pair of goggles and 30 set of masks as a protection from the cats fur,  in case IH didn’t balance my cat allergy…

And then, it DID! Oh my, what a weird thing it was… no allergy symptoms occurred to my body after a single balance. I couldn’t believe it!! It’s miracle!! The balance was pretty simple though, we just collected my fractured soul from the past hurt. I know it sounds even more weird but that’s fine, since I am SOOOOO happy I could cuddle with cats as much as I want 😀

Indeed, our body & mind connection is such a mystery, but so simple!

You might have heard people saying “I don’t feel like I am 100% myself after my loved one passed away…”

“I feel like I’m missing a part of my heart, there is a big hole there…”

I thought it was just a saying. But when I learned IH, Mathilda taught us it actually can happen. Continue reading