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日本語 I had a chance to receive a session of IH from a practitioner who I respect so much.
The issue was my stuffy nose. (again!)
Her session is like a bulldozer, it digs in my subconscious mind with full power.
What came up as a blockage that prevents me from breathing in freely was a self-limiting belief.
It is a false belief that some adults told you when you were a child, and that belief still exists in your subconscious mind and limits your possibility now.

What my subconsciousness believed was the words that my parents and school environment told me long time ago.
“you play the piano so bad”
“you are worthless”
= I am unworthy.

When there is a limiting-belief in somewhere in your mind, there is a limited-function somewhere in your body as well.
In my case it appears as nostril’s inflammation, since that is the most sensitive part in my body.

In the IH session, she got rid of the frequency of my self-limiting belief and I released “being a victim of my parents”.

To me, the healing that IH brings always links to the current situation in my life and that interacts with my everyday, then it leads to another aha-moment or a new challenge, or another level of healing.

This time, I got so depressed after the session.

The past 4 years I practiced energy medicine and received so many IH sessions as well as EFT, got rid of many blockages that I held on to and I am getting to love myself unconditionally.
But then, still didn’t I release the issue with my parents completely?!
I was very disappointed of myself when I found out it was still there in me.
Can’t believe how slow my growth is! I don’t know what to do with me anymore!
Well, this was exactly “self-judgement” and not the unconditional love that I talk about, but couldn’t help myself.

So, I asked my guide who always gives me a great advice and awareness.
What is wrong with me? What should I do now?

And she answered.

The relationship with your parents, including all the good and bad built who you are, what kind of person you are now.
Releasing such big issues is better to take a long time.
Release one by one what doesn’t serve you anymore and keep only the good in you as you change yourself step by step.
Even a lack of confidence can be a person’s charm some time in his life even though we think it’s an undesirable trait.
It was your warmth and love for your parents that didn’t release the limiting-belief from them. It was an undesirable belief, but gave your humanity a depth.
So it’s Ok to take some time to release.

I said to myself “you grow way too slow!! How long are you taking to release the past completely!?”
But, even the negative belief was an essence to build who I am today, including this warmth in me.

To love yourself including all the good and bad you have today is a magic to change all of your past to blessings.

Even the imperfection that you have is not an unnecessary essence but it’s a part of you, and it is a process of your big growth, your life.
So, I re-realized that my imperfection is just perfect as it is.

Step by step, I change to a greater me.

This unconditional love, I believe it’s Ok you don’t get it at the first place. I, too, couldn’t even have an idea of loving myself 4years ago.
But with the support of IH, EFT, and meditation etc, the love is instilled in me slowly.

IH is a very useful tool to get rid of negative beliefs and blockages that we don’t even notice that we have in our subconscious mind.
To love yourself more,
live your life brighter, lighter, and enjoy more,
IH is here to support you with a clear compass = your own body!



I went to Sedona for camping.
Sedona is famous for its vortex energy though, I wonder how people are feeling the “power”?

I had only seen super dry Sedona before.
But this time, due to the recent snow and the rain, the air was wet, and the land was muddy.
Because of those factors? Right when we drove in to the land, I felt some electric fuzziness stronger than the previous visits.
It’s similar to the old style far-infrared heater barbecuing all over your body.
This is interesting. Continue reading

I still don’t know how to explain what IH is every time people ask me about it.
Uh…what is it, really?
It works totally different for each person, also some people needs to take baby steps to accept the whole healing, while others take 1 big step.

Then, what is IH to me?

IH broke open my heart and brought a healing when I was working hard to make a living with a heavy baggage on my back, but believing I carry no baggage. Continue reading

Today, the client I saw was a lady who was 7 months pregnant.

She almost had a threatened premature labor 4 days ago, stayed in a hospital for 3 days until her labor pain disappeared.

She was told by her doctor “you can go home, but absolutely don’t move!”

So, what she wanted to work on was, “spend the rest of the days of pregnancy safely”. Continue reading

This client’s issue was a pain in her jaw. She said that she’s been suffering from horrible pain in her jaw everyday, especially in the morning, for a few months. Of course we guessed she might be clenching her teeth all night, but she said it never happened to her before, and if she does clenching, she has no idea why or how to stop.

I am not a doctor, so I can only follow what her body says and proceed. Her goal was very simple, “My jaw is easy” (This was in Japanese)

The correction her body chose was, 2 points of chakra. There are 7 chakras in a body and they are energy center, vortices. It is said to maintain how the universal energy is processed  in the energy field. Chakras stimulate the endocrine and nervous systems, so when they are out of balance, the cells can’t maintain themselves which in turn causes a disease.

After the correction of her 2 chakras, her body chose another correction which was a brain integration, so I proceeded it as well.

The session went all smoothly, it was done within 1 hour. Right after the session she said “Oh? My jaw somehow feels so light…” and 2 weeks later, she gave me a great feedback!

“I was actually afraid that I may still get the pain in the next morning, but it didn’t come back! It’s gone! ”

Only her body knows how on earth chakras and the brain integration was related to her jaw’s pain… A body’s wisdom is far, far beyond our knowledge and common sense. How wonderful!