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So… what kind of emotion does my body have that is related to chocolate ??
I was feeling happy whenever I ate chocolate because I simply enjoyed it, though.

Out of curiosity, I checked some scan lists and books with my muscle test.
And my body picked one sentence out of them. And that was,

“I release all fear from my childhood that is affecting my adult life.”

I knew it……. Continue reading



Maybe that over-eating during the holiday season? I found a canker sore on the back side of my tongue on the other day.
But I haven’t had alcohol, and I eat lots of vegetable. Not sure about the cause, yet 3 days passed. Then there was another canker sore around the same spot on the 4th day.

So I did muscle testing with my own body to find out what food is related to this canker sore.

I checked all the foods I’ve been eating but no response.

Then finally, I tested for the chocolate.

The result was…

That’s it!! Chocolate, it is!!

It was actually so shocking to me… Why chocolate?!

Because, I used to be heavily addicted to chocolate. Continue reading