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日本語はコチラ Today, I saw my friend off who went to her 4th Vippassana meditation.
She said “I’m sooo excited!!”, looked all fun and left. (why so…?)

Vippassana is, you go to the center for 12 days, meditate 10hours x 10days = 100hours.
I did about a year ago, and thinking of going there again in this year.
So, today I’ll write about my experience of Vippassana. Continue reading




Do you often have the moment “me too!” with the people around you?
I’ve been wondering how the “coincidence” happens, since I have them very often these days.

For example, the pregnant lady who I had a session with chose a balancing of “Brain Integration” by her muscle testing on the other day.
A week later, another client chose the “Brain Integration”.
And a few days later, my IH friend Gon Noriko’s body chose “Brain Integration” when we did a session exchange.
What’s more, two of the issues that they had were the same issues that I had for myself.
This “ I have the same issue” happens really a lot, too… Continue reading


I went to Sedona for camping.
Sedona is famous for its vortex energy though, I wonder how people are feeling the “power”?

I had only seen super dry Sedona before.
But this time, due to the recent snow and the rain, the air was wet, and the land was muddy.
Because of those factors? Right when we drove in to the land, I felt some electric fuzziness stronger than the previous visits.
It’s similar to the old style far-infrared heater barbecuing all over your body.
This is interesting. Continue reading


So… what kind of emotion does my body have that is related to chocolate ??
I was feeling happy whenever I ate chocolate because I simply enjoyed it, though.

Out of curiosity, I checked some scan lists and books with my muscle test.
And my body picked one sentence out of them. And that was,

“I release all fear from my childhood that is affecting my adult life.”

I knew it……. Continue reading


Maybe that over-eating during the holiday season? I found a canker sore on the back side of my tongue on the other day.
But I haven’t had alcohol, and I eat lots of vegetable. Not sure about the cause, yet 3 days passed. Then there was another canker sore around the same spot on the 4th day.

So I did muscle testing with my own body to find out what food is related to this canker sore.

I checked all the foods I’ve been eating but no response.

Then finally, I tested for the chocolate.

The result was…

That’s it!! Chocolate, it is!!

It was actually so shocking to me… Why chocolate?!

Because, I used to be heavily addicted to chocolate. Continue reading

I still don’t know how to explain what IH is every time people ask me about it.
Uh…what is it, really?
It works totally different for each person, also some people needs to take baby steps to accept the whole healing, while others take 1 big step.

Then, what is IH to me?

IH broke open my heart and brought a healing when I was working hard to make a living with a heavy baggage on my back, but believing I carry no baggage. Continue reading

Clearing the cat allergy was probably the weirdest thing that happened to my body with IH.

There is no way in this world I can cure my severe cat allergy, I thought.

The only thing I could do about it was to avoid the contact, because even taking a strong allergy pill didn’t really work if I touched a cat. ( And I LOVE cats, so it was impossible for me not to touch if I see them…)

One day, my friend asked me to take care of her cat at my home for a month while she’s out of country. Without any hesitation, I said YES!

So clearing this cat allergy was suddenly a desperate task. I was very afraid that I would go crazy with itchiness all over my body inside and out, red watery eyes & nose, irregular pulse and so on, so I prepared a pair of goggles and 30 set of masks as a protection from the cats fur,  in case IH didn’t balance my cat allergy…

And then, it DID! Oh my, what a weird thing it was… no allergy symptoms occurred to my body after a single balance. I couldn’t believe it!! It’s miracle!! The balance was pretty simple though, we just collected my fractured soul from the past hurt. I know it sounds even more weird but that’s fine, since I am SOOOOO happy I could cuddle with cats as much as I want 😀

Indeed, our body & mind connection is such a mystery, but so simple!