About Me

Mai Koitabashi

Born in Tokyo, Japan. From her childhood environment, she grew up with a question “what is a happiness?, had an interest in psychology. Studied classical music for 16 years and received a bachelor degree of music composition.

Trusting her intuition, moved to the U.S. in 2005. Inspired by the beauty of the nature, she started to travel around and realized there is a true self within her. In 2012, received an IH demo by Izumi Takiguchi, found out that the cause of long years of her stuffy nose was linked to the relationship with her parent. Astonished by the connection between mind and body, she took a course of Integrated Healing by Mathilda Van Dyk in 2012, became a practitioner.
In 2014, studied Reiki from Toshie Nagamori, became a Reiki Master. In the same year, took a course of Touch For Health from Matthew Thie, finished level 1~4.
Now Mai provides an Integrated Healing session at a healing salon in West Los Angeles to share the miracles that she experienced.

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