Energy of Places


日本語 Did you travel to somewhere lately? What did you feel about the energy there?

Today, I want to share with you my personal thoughts about Energy of Places.

It was a few years ago that I started to notice this. Whenever I came back from my sister’s home, I felt exhausted in my body. My sister and I have a great relationship, we always have a good time together. But what is this? Why am I so tired? I couldn’t find a reasonable answer for a long time.

On the contrary, I noticed that my body weirdly gets energized in the mountain. Most of the time when I go to camping in the mountain, I have no time or only 1 or 2 hours of sleep the night before because of a busy schedule or the last minute packing habit. And I start driving at dawn, keep driving for at least 5 hours, sometimes 10 hours or more, then finally get to the mountain. There I get so tired… well, yes. But no.

As I start hiking in the mountain with drowsiness, somehow my body starts feeling better. After spending some time there, I feel really energized and centered. But can the same thing happen in a city? Without a sleep, hanging out in a city all day, walking around… do I get energized?

For me, no. If I don’t sleep at night, the next day I feel so low, my body feels even sick. I feel ungrounded all day, it’s a mess. Then, what is this? Why my body functions better in the mountain?

I finally came to understand that my body is feeling the “energy” of places. And not just feeling, probably doing some level of energy exchanges. As I spend time in mountains, they help my body find a core. Without a practice, that makes my “half-moon pose” perfectly still. (Try it! I usually need to support that pose with my hand.) The power of grounding from mountains is so marvelous.

Some energy energizes your body, and your body actually functions better, and you feel centered. And some just makes you feel tired. You feel drained. Ungrounded. Tightened. Without your awareness, your body is always interacting with the energies out there.

I found out that it was not my sister or my sister’s home that was exhausting my body, but it was the energy of the whole area where she lives. I don’t know why, it somehow doesn’t do well with my own energy, whereas my sister is totally fine with the energy there.

Every person’s body is different.
I thought that being in the mountain would energize everyone, but this was not true.  Because I know a few of my friends started to get tired after spending some time there even without doing some exercise.
Where do you feel calm?
Where does your body feel energized?
Where do you feel tired without a reason?
Be mindful how your body is feeling.
Once you are aware how your body is reacting, it’s no longer a mysterious tiredness.
You can prevent, nurture, kindly take care of your body.
I took an IH session to balance this, and I’m able to handle this much better than before.
But when I go to a place that I already know that doesn’t feel good, I close my eyes and breathe deeply, then imagine vividly that there is an emerald green huge water bubble surrounding me. And just know that it is protecting my energy field.
If you ever get tired, it’s good to take a shower right after coming back home. Or splash some salt onto all over your body, pat a bit hardly to get rid of the salt.
And close your eyes and do deep breathing for a while. Exhale from your mouth, imagine that you are releasing all that your body doesn’t need.
Lately I’m getting better at doing well with the energy of various kind of places.
Are you?
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