Cleanse the pissed off to feel good ②


日本語 So I tried the 3rd step.
What does “pissed off” really mean? I looked for the other emotions behind  the “pissed off”.
And this process is very easy while you are tapping, it will naturally pop up.
Stop blaming for a second and keep tapping to go deep in your mind…

What came up was a guilt, in this case.
I could have been nicer to them but I chose not to.
And maybe I should’ve been nicer.
When I found that emotion within me, I realized the person who I needed to forgive was not them but myself.
And there were two forgiveness.
One is for the hope that I want to be more peaceful person.
And the other one is…

Let me explain a little bit. What the people were doing on that day was a manipulation.
Some people show their unhappy feelings by being grumpy and try to make you feel guilt for them without saying a word.
My mother used to do that often.
“ I am not happy and a victim, because you didn’t do things that I wanted you to do.”
It’s a silent pressure to control others.

Here the point is, I CHOSE unconsciously to deal with their manipulation.
I am not that child who was afraid of her mother anymore, so I don’t need to feel guilt because someone else is grumpy. My feelings don’t need to be affected by other people’s mood.
If we see a pothole there, we can simply walk aside, rather than to fall into the hole, right?
So, the other forgiveness that I needed to do was forgiving myself for choosing to be a victim of other people’s manipulation.

Then at last, we focus on how we want to be from now.

I am powerful enough not to be affected by other people’s behavior.
Making them feel good is not my job.
It’s only them who can make themselves feel good.
And my only responsibility is, to make myself feel good.
And only then, my presence can make someone feel better.

tap tap…. Whew, finally I feel eased. Now I can go to bed!

Tomorrow is a new day!

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