Smile! Before you drink.


日本語 Why is it so important not to “drink TO smile”?
I had an experience that made me swear that.

In the last winter I was looking for a gallon size glass jar, and I found a good one in a grocery store.
A glass jar with a gallon of wine.
I doubted about the quality of the wine, but it was cheaper than buying an empty glass jar, so I bought it anyway.

A few days later.
I was upset. I had so much anger towards a person, and my mind was so irritated.
The reason why I was so upset is not a big deal, now I think about it. I was treated unfairly.

I calmed down myself first, then wanted to switch my mood to a better one.
And here it comes in handy, the gallon of wine that I just bought!
I tried a sip of it.
Oh? surprisingly, this is not too bad.

Then I started to watch a movie with the wine.
It’s easy to keep a truck if you are drinking from a normal size bottle, but it was a gallon.
Not knowing how much I was drinking, when the movie was over, I noticed that I over did it.

And I went to bed.

The next morning.

….. I had a horrible headache. Obviously I had a hangover, my head felt like the noise and the vibration from the fridge.

I knew it! I shouldn’t have that cheap wine.
The headache was still the same in the afternoon, so I decided to try EFT (emotional freedom tapping) to reduce the pain.

I stat tapping about “This Headache”.
But what came out from my mouth was, “This Anger” instead.
The anger?
…OK, somehow my body wants to release the anger from last night more than this headache.
So I changed the topic of the tapping to the anger, start to give my emotion a voice while tapping on the meridians.

Sometimes, as I tap, an old memory that is similar to the current issue pops up.
I remembered the same anger of unfairness that I had when I was younger.
I was feeling so powerless in front of my controlling mother.
That inner child is still somewhere in my being without being heard. And when the similar situation comes, she brings up the anger, this time 10 times bigger.

This is so common for many adults who over-react towards something and explode by his/her anger (including passive-aggressive people).
These people believe they are totally justified to be angry, so don’t recognize that they are over-reacting.
But if you patiently hear what they say (though it pisses you off too sometimes), and try to see what they really want, you’ll find it behind their “I am right” attitude.

“I want to be accepted”
“I want to feel that “I am so special”
“I want to be recognized, want more attention”

But many grown ups can’t speak up the true feelings or not even knowing themselves what they truly want in their core.
When I see them with the eyes of love filter instead of my ego filter, I can see those people as people who are doing their best with their unhealed inner child.

Back to my EFT practice.
So I released the anger inside of me for little over 20 minutes, and when I noticed, not only the anger was faded but the headache was 100% gone.
WOOOW, this is so convenient!! I love EFT!!

In the same time, it made me assure that the cause of the headache was my emotion, though I was blaming the wine.
I had the wine in order to feel better, but what it really did was swallowing the emotion that I wanted to release and covered with the lid so that I couldn’t see it anymore.
And my body was telling me “wait!!” by giving me the pain in my head.
Pain, Emotion. They are invisible, but we know that they are there. Those two are so deeply connected…

And my point is, Smile!! Before you drink 😉

Release the negative emotion and feel lighter with EFT!
If you are interested to learn how to do EFT, right now they are having the 8th tapping world summit on line.
It started on 2/22/2016 and goes for 10 days.
On each day two speakers give a very motivational speech and you can try the tapping with them.
I totally recommend it!

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