How a Coincidence Happens



Do you often have the moment “me too!” with the people around you?
I’ve been wondering how the “coincidence” happens, since I have them very often these days.

For example, the pregnant lady who I had a session with chose a balancing of “Brain Integration” by her muscle testing on the other day.
A week later, another client chose the “Brain Integration”.
And a few days later, my IH friend Gon Noriko’s body chose “Brain Integration” when we did a session exchange.
What’s more, two of the issues that they had were the same issues that I had for myself.
This “ I have the same issue” happens really a lot, too…

Also, there were about 8 people around me who quit their long-time job finally in the last year. (Me too.)

What’s more, an Oracle Card brings way too many “coincidence” always.
When I have a hard time making a decision, or want some advice, I often use the Oracle Cards.
Sometimes, I pick one card for my friends or people who came to the event, using their muscle testing.
Then, a card that their body picks is often exactly the same card that I picked for myself in the previous week.
Well, an oracle card has about 44 ~ 64 cards per deck, and I use 8 decks to pick a card from.
So the probability of picking the same card is 1 / 432, every time.

By the way this “Oracle Card”, seriously, kicks your butt. ( for real.)
Sometimes it tells you things that you don’t even want to hear. ( and it’s quite scary when it happens.)
I’ll write about the horror of an oracle card some other time…

And back to the coincident story,

lately, a change is happening in my body.
“No way, this is not happening.” I said, and ignored until very recent.
But…. I have to admit ( though I don’t want to) that  my body doesn’t like to take much alcohol since the last Autumn.

The wine paradise, California. Here, we can get some great wine with a reasonable price.
After moving to California, I loved the wine and went to wineries a few times an year, totally enjoyed drinking.
And being raised by my parents the sake lover, I never thought this day would come.

And the other day, I saw an article about the author of “ the Chicken Soup of the Soul” Jack Canfield who became a millionaire just published his new book.
And the title is,
“ The 30-day Sobriety Solution”.

Oh? what a coincidence…

So, this very personal change of me is not just me, but about this movement that involves numbers of people in this universe, huh?

Well then, we are somehow connected.
A coincidence is a part of the “oneness”?

I vaguely feel that we are all connected after all, even though we seem separated on the surface.
It’s like we each are one of the 100 000 billion cells in the body called the universe, but believing we are working separately from one another… I imagine.

When the next time “me too!” happens,

let’s feel “Yey, the oneness”!

I am not alone. Isn’t that fun? ;D

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