Uncertainty × Sedona


I went to Sedona for camping.
Sedona is famous for its vortex energy though, I wonder how people are feeling the “power”?

I had only seen super dry Sedona before.
But this time, due to the recent snow and the rain, the air was wet, and the land was muddy.
Because of those factors? Right when we drove in to the land, I felt some electric fuzziness stronger than the previous visits.
It’s similar to the old style far-infrared heater barbecuing all over your body.
This is interesting.

On the last day of camping, my camp buddy N suggested that we do mini IH session on top of Bell Rock.
We didn’t have any witch tools with us, so just did a simple energy balancing.

The procedure that N’s body chose for her balancing was Brain Integration, and to “see” the triangle shaped mountain that we could overlook from the bell rock.

Then N worked on my “uncertainty”. (since my future is uncertain at this point, I was feeling unease. )
The procedure that my body chose for balancing was to “see” the view of Sedona from there.

But, what does “Seeing” do?

It’s only how I feel though, when we are “seeing”, we actually are exchanging our energy with the object that we are looking at.

If it’s the sudden encounter in the wild between 2 animals, one feels weaker than the other (run away), or one feels stronger than the other ( it can push), at the moment of looking at each other.
(Well, this might be true in our world, too…)

So, I “saw” the view of Sedona in IH session.

Though I used to feel that the energy of Sedona was not too friendly or it didn’t really try to talk to me before, this time, they felt surprisingly friendly.

They were just “being there”.
The sense of their definite “knowing” was flowing through my body vaguely, but strongly.
“knowing”, “accepting” and “trusting” completely.

And all the mountains and the rocks were saying
“You are now here.”= “nowhere.”
I don’t know how to explain this feelings with words though…
After all it’s the same. I am here. and nowhere.
So, just trust the process of this life. I am safe.

After the trip, did my uneasiness of uncertainty disappear?
It didn’t completely disappear, but I feel like it will be all good.

And trusting “I feel like” is my choice.
What IH does is kicking my butt in my subconscious mind.

Thanks Sedona & IH.
And see you next time!

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