Food × Emotion = Reaction? ②


So… what kind of emotion does my body have that is related to chocolate ??
I was feeling happy whenever I ate chocolate because I simply enjoyed it, though.

Out of curiosity, I checked some scan lists and books with my muscle test.
And my body picked one sentence out of them. And that was,

“I release all fear from my childhood that is affecting my adult life.”

I knew it…….

The fear towards my parent, the fear of taking a piano exam that I used to feel everyday, was somehow linked to chocolate in my body.

When I realized that I didn’t have the craving for chocolate anymore, I knew why.
That craving for sweetness was a craving for love, in my subconscious mind.

Love from who? It was of course, love from me.

I couldn’t even accept the idea of “loving myself” until I met IH.
There was no way I could give love to myself, so I gave chocolate, instead.
Lots of chocolate. But I never felt enough.

Now I know what it is, decided to use my favorite method, EFT (emotional freedom tapping) to release the “fear”.

I wasn’t sure how I should use the wording, so just started to tap on the meridian point, saying “chocolate.”
As soon as I started the tapping, tears flowed on my face.
The body was storing the memory of so much emotions with chocolate for a long time… while I had no clue about it.

After tapping for 15 minutes, I felt better. Ate some leftover chocolate cake and went to bed.
( Because I made such a big cake from the chocolate that someone gave me on Christmas…)

In the next morning.

The canker sore on my tongue had a slight mark left, and the pain completely disappeared.

A human body is SO INTERESTING!!

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