What is IH to me?

I still don’t know how to explain what IH is every time people ask me about it.
Uh…what is it, really?
It works totally different for each person, also some people needs to take baby steps to accept the whole healing, while others take 1 big step.

Then, what is IH to me?

IH broke open my heart and brought a healing when I was working hard to make a living with a heavy baggage on my back, but believing I carry no baggage.

Somewhere in my mind,
I was afraid that if I ever notice that baggage, it makes me feel weak.
So I dared not try to see it or even the thought of having it.

But there always was.

When I finally found out in IH session that my severe stuffy nose that I had for over 20 years was linked to the baggage of my childhood, I felt like I fell off a cliff.
How can that happen???

If we want to live our life truly happily, lightly, we have to pull down the baggage,
though it feels scary.

What else was in this…?
I don’t want to see it.

It can be a real negative emotion that we don’t even want to accept that we have such emotion.

But for one last time, see it. This time, is to release it.
No matter what kind of emotion it is in you, it is all you.
There is no emotion that “you should not ever experience”.
So accept all of them, and release.

It was tough, but made me strong. Thank you & bye baggage!

Now I come to think of it,
only because there was no cure that worked for the symptoms that I had, I met IH and healed my nose, and my heart.

So, the symptom that was getting worse and worse was screaming at me like
“C’mo——————nn!! Look at the baggage!! It’s on my way!!”

Really, a symptom is a message from your body. If you neglect to hear it, it may come back in a louder voice…

“Well, I’m pretty Ok, this is just my physical issue that sometimes happen…”


IH– Integrated Healing.

It is a tool to guide you through the twilight zone within you.

Come try it ;D

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