Cat Allergy

Clearing the cat allergy was probably the weirdest thing that happened to my body with IH.

There is no way in this world I can cure my severe cat allergy, I thought.

The only thing I could do about it was to avoid the contact, because even taking a strong allergy pill didn’t really work if I touched a cat. ( And I LOVE cats, so it was impossible for me not to touch if I see them…)

One day, my friend asked me to take care of her cat at my home for a month while she’s out of country. Without any hesitation, I said YES!

So clearing this cat allergy was suddenly a desperate task. I was very afraid that I would go crazy with itchiness all over my body inside and out, red watery eyes & nose, irregular pulse and so on, so I prepared a pair of goggles and 30 set of masks as a protection from the cats fur,  in case IH didn’t balance my cat allergy…

And then, it DID! Oh my, what a weird thing it was… no allergy symptoms occurred to my body after a single balance. I couldn’t believe it!! It’s miracle!! The balance was pretty simple though, we just collected my fractured soul from the past hurt. I know it sounds even more weird but that’s fine, since I am SOOOOO happy I could cuddle with cats as much as I want 😀

Indeed, our body & mind connection is such a mystery, but so simple!

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