IH/A Hidden Phobia

Today, the client I saw was a lady who was 7 months pregnant.

She almost had a threatened premature labor 4 days ago, stayed in a hospital for 3 days until her labor pain disappeared.

She was told by her doctor “you can go home, but absolutely don’t move!”

So, what she wanted to work on was, “spend the rest of the days of pregnancy safely”.

Seemed like her body agreed to work on it, so we got in.

It went smooth at the beginning, and now we set a goal.

“So, what is your goal?”

To this question, she came up with a goal that I didn’t imagine.

“To be able to ask for help.”

She explained that she always hesitates to ask people for help, since she feels like she has to take care of everything by herself. And she thought, probably the cause of the threatened premature labor was because she couldn’t ask for help when she could, but didn’t. So she carries around her 2 and a half year-old daughter, do all the chores around her home, and that might have pressured her belly, she said.

This might sound ridiculous to some people, but it was very understandable to me.

I, too, always hesitate to ask people for help because I just feel like “I have to take care of all my stuff by myself, and I should be able to!”

Some women these days push themselves so hard to survive. We work like men, we can manage everything without men, women are strong!

And sometimes we notice ourselves working way too hard, and complain. ” Why you are not helping me, just watching me do all this?! ”

“It is much easier and faster if I just do it myself than asking you to do it!! ”

….. Does this sound familiar?

Anyway, go back to her session. Her body wanted to specify “who” to ask for help, so I asked her. And of course it was to her husband.

So we set her goal as “ask my husband for help”, now we came to the correction part.

Then what her body chose was…

To clear a “Phobia”.

Means, “something” is inputed in her subconscious mind as an object of “fear”. It is a big protocol that clears a negative program that gives her conscious mind “fear” whenever she looks at or feels the object.

But we had no idea what the “phobia” was about in the session. Since her body somehow chose to clear the unknown “phobia” now, I asked her what the object of fear was.

She was puzzled for a moment, then said, “well, I don’t like to ask people for help… I really can’t.”

“Why can’t you?”

“Because I feel bad.”

“What will happen if you actually ask them?”

“I’m afraid that I’m asking really too much and giving them a trouble.”

“If you ask them too much, then what will happen?”

“They’ll dislike me, I’m afraid they’ll get mad at me…”

At that moment her muscle gave me a big reaction. “The fear of people getting mad at her” was her hidden “phobia”.

Tears dropped from her eyes, she shared her old memories with me.

Born as a middle child, she was strongly feeling that she had to be able to take care of herself since she was very little.

“Look at me! I want Mom to do this for me. But I shouldn’t get Mom’s attention, because she is very busy with my sisters. If I can’t take care of  myself well, mom might be mad at me…”

The series of her memories of “fear”—” mom might be mad at me if I ask her for help ” was remained deep in her subconscious mind even after she grew up and became a mother herself.

And today, she finally cleared the phobia, and her face that I saw after the session was… How pretty!

The pale worried face changed to a bright little girl’s. She thanked and gave me a beautiful big smile.

I was surprised clearing one negative program in subconsciousness can change a people like this.

I felt that it was such an honor I could witnessed her change, guided by her higher-consciousness, and her baby!

Because of you baby boy, your mom decided to take the healing, cleared her phobia, now she can comfortably ask for help when you are born!

You did a great job!! Now, stay there for three more months, peacefully…

Lately as I witness people’s change in a healing session, I am just awed how beautiful people’s spirits are.

Everyone has their own timing and process of growing. Some of them are not ready to awake yet. But every one of their spirits is just perfectly beautiful.

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