IH/ A dog that came to my dream

You might have heard people saying “I don’t feel like I am 100% myself after my loved one passed away…”

“I feel like I’m missing a part of my heart, there is a big hole there…”

I thought it was just a saying. But when I learned IH, Mathilda taught us it actually can happen. Literally, we give away a piece of our soul to the big incident, tragedy, or the place that happened, so the rest of you can survive. Then, she made a protocol of “soul integration”.

In that morning, I had a dream. In the dream, I somehow was aware about that I was having a dream, and everything looked blueish. There was my pomeranian dog, Michel that passed away 9 years ago.

“Michel is here in my dream again….” Then I remembered in the dream that I often have a dream of her lately.

It was like this. I almost stepped on her, then she suddenly runs towards a driving car on the street. “WHATCH OUT!” I run after her and try to grab her. Then I realized her usual long fur is so short, and somehow her body looks wet. Why…? She was safe at the moment, but after a while I noticed that her leg was horribly bent.

“Hey! What’s wrong with your leg!?” I got so worried. And I thought in the dream “I should bring this up in the IH session today…”

I had a real tough time when my 11 year-old dog suddenly passed away. I got her when I was 9, and spent my childhood, adolescent, and as an adult, I always loved her. She was my heart warmer.

Since her sudden death,  I kept feeling so sorry for the past 9 years. I regretted so bad that I couldn’t spend more time with her in spite of that I knew she was feeling lonely. I was in such a shock that I couldn’t even speak of her name for 6 months after her death.

So that afternoon, I took an IH session from another practitioner Nozomi about the dream. She told me that a dream that you are aware in the dream is a strong message. She asked me “so what do you think is the message from your dog?”

“I’ve been so busy that I’m not changing her water by her picture enough lately?” (That is a tradition in Japan.)

“That’s true, but that’s not the message.” “OK…”

Then my muscle reacted on the word “cleanse”. After a few guess that didn’t hit, this thought came up to me.

“Is she giving me back a piece of my soul that I might have left for her when she died?”

My muscle gave a big “YES” reaction, “Yeah, that’s it!”

Oh my god, is it real? I know it sounds woo woo to many people, I couldn’t believe it myself either as I am still skeptical sometimes. But my heart just knew that was it.

Lately I was realizing that things around me is moving forward in a much faster speed than ever. I am aware of that my life has come to a big turning point.

And in this timing, Michel came to give me back the piece of my soul that I gave her unconsciously. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I was so thankful that she kept it safe for 9 years, and waiting for the best timing to give me back. Yes, I am OK now. I’ve come this far. I can finally forgive myself and let it go. And move forward. Thank you for keeping it for me till now!!

She was such a sweet dog while she was alive, and she still is, as a spirit. She always looked after me.

I am never religious, but this time, I had to believe that my dog’s spirit really came to me.  After that session I finally moved on from the lose of my dog. I feel very light in my heart. And whenever I remember her, it is a good memory.

Thank you.

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