IH/ Pain in a Jaw

This client’s issue was a pain in her jaw. She said that she’s been suffering from horrible pain in her jaw everyday, especially in the morning, for a few months. Of course we guessed she might be clenching her teeth all night, but she said it never happened to her before, and if she does clenching, she has no idea why or how to stop.

I am not a doctor, so I can only follow what her body says and proceed. Her goal was very simple, “My jaw is easy” (This was in Japanese)

The correction her body chose was, 2 points of chakra. There are 7 chakras in a body and they are energy center, vortices. It is said to maintain how the universal energy is processed  in the energy field. Chakras stimulate the endocrine and nervous systems, so when they are out of balance, the cells can’t maintain themselves which in turn causes a disease.

After the correction of her 2 chakras, her body chose another correction which was a brain integration, so I proceeded it as well.

The session went all smoothly, it was done within 1 hour. Right after the session she said “Oh? My jaw somehow feels so light…” and 2 weeks later, she gave me a great feedback!

“I was actually afraid that I may still get the pain in the next morning, but it didn’t come back! It’s gone! ”

Only her body knows how on earth chakras and the brain integration was related to her jaw’s pain… A body’s wisdom is far, far beyond our knowledge and common sense. How wonderful!

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