What is Integrated Healing?

IH, Integrated Healing is a holistic healing system to balance your overall health and well-being.

IH is a combination of Kinesiology, Psychology, Energy medicine, Chinese medicine such as meridians, acupressure, and quantum science, NLP, etc, etc.

IH doesn’t treat symptoms but get to the root cause that brings the symptoms to surface.

When the cause is gone, your body / mind can heal by itself.
Sometimes it’s just miraculous!
Who would believe my severe cat allergy was completely gone by taking IH session??

In 2012, I received my first IH session for my stuffy nose that was making my breathing difficult for over 20 years.
And I found out that the symptom was linked to the memory with my mother. The shock that I had years ago was so big that got stuck inside of my body, preventing me from breathing freely.
Since the day I took IH, I was able to completely stop the medication that I was taking every day in the previous 15 years.
Western Medicine says, more than 70% of our illness comes from our stress.
And by IH,  I was truly amazed to see the deep connection between mind and body!

IH is a wonderful tool. It changed my life forever, and I am passionate to spread this powerful holistic healing to people.

What part of your life do you wish to change?

If you have any problem and truly wish to change, then IH definitely supports you to change your life.
The same pain always comes back—
The PMS that occurs every month—
You hate your boss—
You end up in the same situation over and over—
You keep taking in things that you know you shouldn’t—
You want to move on but you just can’t—

Here are some examples of IH healing.



Clearing Negative Impact of Amigdala Memories

Self Sabotage & Survival Programs

Inner Child Healing

Clearing Self-Limiting Beliefs

• Cranials

• Sphenoid

• Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

Cutting Negative Energetic Cords

Neurological Switching

Injury-Releasing the negative Consequences


Clearing Redundant Vows

• Physical Pain

• Hip Rotation

• DNA – Restoring Cellular Environment

• Atlas and Axis

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